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Real Name
Cole MacGrath

Adventurer, Bike Courier

Before the explosion. Cole was usually a bike messenger in Empire City, but was originally meant to be a school teacher by their parents. During his delivery day, Cole was assigned to deliver a package to someone located in the Historic District and he received a call from his boss to open the box, which will cost him $500. The package revealed to be a Ray Sphere, which immediately activated and resulting an explosion in a district as well as injuring Cole. 4 days later, Cole woke up in hospital as he realized he still alive, but he somehow discovered an energy of electricity inside him as he is now become a Conduit, and began to learn it in a now world of crimes of the rogue Conduits he must survived.

Cole does have an experience with his best friend, Zeke practicing a parkour in his hometown before the blast. After the blast, Cole became a Conduit, and received an ability to produce electricity and electromagnetic to boost him up and lift a different objects, even a person and an heat objects. Instead of that power he gained, his power has a Karma state, which will decide his fate and had most of his body, electric and even his outfit colors are changed. After the destruction of his hometown and now moved to New Marais, Cole received an new found power through Power Transfer device to produce ice (in his positive karma) and fire (in his negative karma).

Cole's primary weapon is an amp, in which could able to mixed up his power on his weapon attacks.

First Appearance
InFamous (2009, Sucker Punch - Sony)


Voiced by/CV
-Keiji Fujiwara (Japanese)
-Eric Ladin (English, Original)

InFamous 2 Cole

Power Grid
Intelligence          [][][]
Strength              [][][]
Speed                  [][][][][][]
Stamina               [][][][]
Energy Projection [][][][][][][]
Fighting Ability    [][][][][][]

-InFamous 2 Neutral Karma (New Marais) - Default
-InFamous Neutral Karma (Empire City) - Alt

-Good Karma Hero rank (Lightning: White)
-Evil Karma Infamous rank (Lightning: Red)
-Vampire (Lightning: Orange)
-Prototype Concept Artwork (Lightning: Black)
-Zeke Dunbar (Lightning: Green)

Attack Type

-Standing: L (LP)-M (near MK)-H (HP)-S (Sliding Combo HP)
*Damage: L (35,000)-M (65,000)-H (95,000)-S (100,000)
-Crouching: L (Crouching LP)-M (Crouching MK)-H (Crouching HP)
*Crouching L: Can perform Rapid Tap
*Damage: L (30,000)-M (60,000)-H (90,000)
-Air: L (Air LK)-M (Air LP)-H (Air HK)-S (Air HP)
*Damage: L (40,000)-M (80,000 (40,000 x2))-H (100,000)-S (110,000)

-Front: Psychokinesis
*Damage: 120,000
-Back: Amp Throw
*Damage: 150,000
-Air Front: Air version of Psychokinesis
*Damage: 120,000
-Air Back: Amp Slam/Air version of Amp Throw
*Damage: 150,000

-Rolling Attack: F+H (can also be done in the air)
*Damage: 95,000
-Spinning Forward Kick: B+H
*Damage: 95,000
-Slide: DF+H
*Soft Knockdown
*Damage: 95,000
-Amp Combo: QCF+AT (can also be done in the air)
*High; Different Range Speed (L: 1 cm; M: 2 cm; H: 3 cm)
*Damage: 50,000
>Upper: during Amp Combo, AT
*High; Soft Knockdown; Different Range Speed (L: 1 cm; M: 2 cm; H: 3 cm)
*Damage: 40,000
>>Slam: during Upper, AT
*High; Ground Bounce; Hard Knockdown; Different Range Speed (L: 1 cm; M: 2 cm; H: 3 cm)
*Damage: 40,000
-Thunder Drop: DP+AT (can also be done in the air)
*Soft Knockdown; Stagger; Different Range (L: close; M: middle; H far); OTG
*Damage: 120,000 (100,000 + 20,000)
-Shock Grenade: QCB+AT (can also be done in the air)
*Projectile; Different Range (L: close; M: middle; H far); OTG
*Damage: 40,000 (20,000 x2)
-Lightning Hook: HCF+AT (can also be done in the air)
*Capture; Different Range (L: Horizontal; M: Parabolic; H: Vertical)
*Damage: 140,000
-Shock Wave: RDP+AT
*Wall Bounce; Soft Knockdown; Armored; Can bounce projectiles back to opponent
*Damage: 90,000
-Flight: QCB+S (can also be done in the air)
*5 seconds
*No Damage
-Ionic Vortex: QCF+AT+AT (can also be done in the air)
*OTG; Soft Knockdown
*Damage: 400,000
-Karmic Overload: QCB+AT+AT
*Boost: Damage +10%, Speed +5%, Health Regeneration 10%, Gauge Regeneration 5% and Lightning Attack Damage on opponent, 8 seconds
*No Damage
-Human Bullet: DP+AT+AT
*Invuln. Startup; Hard Knockdown on last hit; OTG
*Damage: 370,000

-Can perform 8-way Air Dash, especially able to Air Dash Cancel Normal attacks.
-Some of his moves based of Playstation All-Stars instead of Street Fighter X Tekken.
-Ionic Vortex effect is now much bigger like Thor's Mighty Tornado and Ryu's Shin Tatsumaki Senpuu Kyakku effects and faster, It will appeared below opponent like Doctor Strange's Spell of Vishanti.
-Karmic Overload, unlike in Street Fighter X Tekken as Pandora Mode, but like InFamous, Cole's body is surround by electricity
-Human Bullet is a mixture of Magneto's Gravity Squeeze and Spencer's Bionic Manuever. Cole grabs opponent in with his magnetic electricity, Start from: Two armed (Magnetic Floored Throw (Back (Hard Knockdown) > Front (Ground Bounce)) > Magnetic Push (Wall Bounce)) > One armed (Magnetic Pull with Electric Fist ready towards opponent's chest > Electric Palm Blast (Iron Fist based Palm Blast).
-Cole's primary color of lightning effect is blue (where he wore default yellow), but the effects can be changed depends on the color scheme he wore, similar to one of UMvC3 characters like Hawkeye's bow attacks (Crouching and Air H, and S) and Vergil's Devil Trigger's unsheated sword attacks (L, and Standing and Crouching M) for example.

-Thunder Drop (Alpha) - Ionic Vortex
-Shock Grenade (Beta)  - Ionic Vortex
-Shock Wave (Gamma)  - Ionic Vortex

-You've got a wrong guy to screw with.
-Had enough there, killer?
-Amp Combo: Ora!
-Upper: Huaah!
-Slam Catch!
-Lightning Hook: Hahaaa! (when hit)
-Thunder Drop: Drop
-Shock Grenade: Grenade!
-Shock Wave: Shock Wave!
-Ionic Vortex: Haaa!!! (Hyper background), DIE!!!
-Karmic Overload: Karmic Overload!
-Human Bullet: There you go. (Hyper background), Say good night. (last hit)
-Front: Sorry pal!
-Back: Eat this!
-Air: Take it!
*Tag-In: On it.
*Assist Call: Here for backup
*Throw Escape: Dumbass.
*X-Factor: I need more juice!
*After Assist: Good call.
*Team Air Combo Call: Already?
*Time Out: Did i screw up
*Teammates defeated:
-I'm not finished yet!
-These team sucks.
-Juggled: No wayyy!!
-On Ground: Sick bastard!
*Team Hyper Combo:
-Whatever it takes.
-Your mine.
*Crossover Combination: Let's light 'em up.
*Switch out with another characters:
-Phoenix Wright: Mr. Wright
*Called by the characters:
-Hulk: Lightning Man
-So you're the one who's standing in my way.
-I'll take you on.
-vs. Hulk: Reminds me the Beast, but you're different.
-Deadpool: Good thing Marvel and Capcom are not a one of Playstation franchise only.
-vs. Amaterasu: Do i have to sign up to fight a dog?
-Viewtiful Joe: (same as he did to other Marvel heroes except Nova)
-vs. M.O.D.O.K.: Mind if i shock your big head?
-M.O.D.O.K.: Don't take it personally to shock my brain off.
-vs. Magneto: I don't care if i were a mutant or not. I rather to decide my fate.
-Magneto: It's useless to be loved by humans. Join me and my Brotherhood.
-vs. Phoenix: I can sense that you and i have same Karma problems.
-Phoenix: So you have something equalized the Phoenix Force.
-vs. Sentinel: Time to shock your system, junk-ass.
-vs. Nemesis T-Type: The Beast? No. What are you?
-vs. Vergil: What are you suppose to be?
-Vergil: What's wrong? Trouble to decide to use of power?
-vs. Frank West: What? A civilian?
-vs. Rocket Raccoon: You've got to be kidding me. A raccoon?
-Rocket Raccoon: Not just any raccoon. The Rocket Raccoon.
-vs. Galactus: Great. Now what? The Cosmic Beast?
-When you learn how to fight, call me.
-You're out class, buddy.
-vs. Hulk: Calm down pal. I don't want to fight you.
-Deadpool: You know gamers, Namco Bandai's Tekken used to be one of Playstation franchise only. But not anymore! HAAAHAHAHAHAHAAA!!!
-vs. Amaterasu: If your a god, then go live at a forest or heaven to stay at home.
-Viewtiful Joe: (same as he did to other Marvel heroes except Nova)
-vs. M.O.D.O.K.: That's what i called: Brain Shock.
-M.O.D.O.K.: Looks like you're out of juice, whimp.
-vs. Magneto: I told you… i don't care who i am now!
-Magneto: It's useless, MacGrath. Join me.
-vs. Phoenix: You have a best way to decide who you really are.
-Phoenix: I guess i'll decide my fate from these personalities i have then.
-vs. Sentinel: Shocking Overload.
-vs. Nemesis T-Type: Just a bio weapon. At least i've destroy him.
-vs. Vergil: I'll decide myself to use this power i have.
-Vergil: Try used your power as you really wished for.
-vs. Frank West: Looks like you know the way to survive from zombies on your own.
-vs. Rocket Raccoon: *sigh* That was harsh.
-Rocket Raccoon: Looks like your out of juice for nothing.
-vs. Galactus: Phew. I finally take down that bastard.
*Win Quote:
-Super humans, Bio weapon, Super naturals and intergalactic? Doesn't matter to me. I only care my fate to decide with.
-At least Zeke is saved, since some of this place is too dangerous for him.
-With this power. I will decide my fate as a hero or a villain.
-vs. Hulk: Ray Sphere and Gamma. I wonder if it's related.
-vs. Amaterasu: A dog became a god… I wonder.
-Viewtiful Joe: (same as he did to other Marvel heroes except Wolverine and Nova)
-vs. Magneto: I know we have a same type of magnetic power. You should be retired because your powers are weaker than mine.
-Magneto: Join me, Cole. Together, we can rule all mutant kind.
-vs. Phoenix: The power is on your own. You have a best way to control your Karma.
-Phoenix: Karma. More likely to be a split personality that Phoenix Force has.
-vs. Sentinel: Try to stay alive? I'll wreck your face then.
-vs. Nemesis T-Type: Next time i should be careful with that worm like attack… and his too gross at all.
-vs. Vergil: I know that power means everything. But it'll depends on our fate.
-Vergil: If you wished to used power for your friend, good ahead. At least your not my brother, Dante.
-vs. Frank West: Covered a wars with zombies, really? Get a point.
-vs. Rocket Raccoon: I think Zeke gonna like this.
-Rocket Raccoon: Don't throw me into zoo or a pound if you dare.

-Good or Evil?     - Clear Arcade Mode with Cole on any difficulty
-No Complaints  - Clear Arcade Mode with Cole on Very Hard
-Electric God      - Clear 5 missions with Cole
-Amp User         - Clear all missions with Cole
-Messenger        - Use Cole 30 times
-For My Friends  - Use Cole 100 times
All one of the normal/command/special moves & inputs are comes from Street Fighter X Tekken and Playstation All-Stars.

I made an UMvC3 move set for Cole MacGrath

Cole MacGrath is from Sucker Punch
UMvC3 and SFxT are from Capcom

Special Thanks:
-Ryota Niitsuma: TvC - UMvC3, also Shonen Sunday's Kenichi & SFIV (Capcom)
-Yoshinori Ono: SFIII - SFxT, also Onimusha and Capcom Fighting Evolution (Capcom)
-Katsuhiro Harada: T6 - TTT2, also Soul Calibur V recently as a Bonus fighter with Devil Jin's fighting style (Namco/Bandai)
-Seth Killian: Development of PSA

From InFamous 2 US cover
alienhominid2000 Featured By Owner Nov 8, 2012
Awesome moveset.

I was hoping for C.Viper thoughts on Cole's Power :P
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