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Under Night In-Birth Ryu Hayabusa Ending by LarsMasters
Under Night In-Birth Ryu Hayabusa Ending
Since Virtua Fighter characters like Akira & Pai appeared in both DOA5 & DBFC, then there's DBFCI & DOA5LR Season 2 Costume Pass, why not add Hayabusa in both UNIELST/UNIST/UNIBELST (w/ Akira, Strike the Blood's Yukina, & Skullgirls' Fillia & Samson) & DBFCI (w/ Sonic, Sakura Shinguji, Sterkenburg Cranach, Ayane, Kasumi & Warriors Orochi titular antagonist) + add Dengeki Bunko Costume Pack & Shizuo Heiwajima Character bundle in DOA5LR Season 2 Pass

Porters: Veix, XNALaraFanfic, Sticklove, zareef
Rights: Toei, Ecole, French Bread, Arc System Works, Sega, Tecmo Koei, Dengeki Bunko

Momiji: Welcome home, Master Hayabusa. How's your long night mission?
Hayabusa: Momiji? You're early? Ah yes, it's a one heck of a long night to vanquished evil there, something called in-Birth and Void. It sure great for my mission in that silent night, if it weren't for some night dwellers, who has a same thing what i am fighting for.
Hayabusa: I guess our people worried about me when i was on that long mission.
Momiji: Even Mugen Tenshin worried too as well. Good thing it was a right choice to have Kasumi here, in helping me to know more about fortune telling.
Hayabusa: You two sure get along well.
Momiji: Ah, the sun is out, and the wind becomes pure breeze too, Master.
Hayabusa: Yeah. I'm really tired now. Maybe i should take my absence to rest for few days because of that night back then.
Momiji: You sure need to Master, you sure need to.
Under Night In-Birth Akira Yuki Ending by LarsMasters
Under Night In-Birth Akira Yuki Ending
If he made his guest appearance in Under Night In-Birth (EXE:Late[st]), has most of his Dengeki Bunko Fighting Climax sprites and playstyles reused and revamped for this game

Porters: zareef, GoreFace13
Rights: Toei, Ecole, French Bread, Arc System Works, Sega, Tecmo Koei, Dengeki Bunko

Akira: After many nights i've been fighting for. It was really great that i'd met a worthy opponents who most are befriend with me, while another ones didn't.
Akira: Though dangerous, luckily I could see a falling star at long night i've been through.
Akira: Now i see what true strength looks like what my grandfather meant is.
Akira: It is lie within us to go further into a rightful path of greater goods. Keep training until the end, or the evil will close our path to darkness.
Akira: It was an honored to meet such a view friends who also fights evil. Farewell, and until we meet again in another place. My night wandering friends.
Activision's Marvel Ultimate Alliance 2 Re-Released Edition (PS4/PS3/PSVita/X1/X360/PC (Steam)/Wii U/3DS)

-Adds formerly one console port exclusives characters
-PC version can switch between n-Space or VVisions versions
-Home Console (PS4/PS3/X1/X360/Wii U) uses VVisions version, while Handheld (PSVita/3DS) Console uses n-Space version
-All missions from n-Space and VVisions are one
-Add Characters locked in Registration sides:
--Pro: formerly n-Space only (Ms. Marvel, Thor), formerly VVisions only (Songbird), She-Hulk (by default), Sentry
--Anti: formerly n-Space only (Daredevil, Storm), formerly VVisions only (Iron Fist), Cable (by default), Cyclops
-Re-unlocked characters:
--Black Panther: Locked after of Act 1's last mission until unlocked after Act 3's second mission
--Cable and She-Hulk: Unlocked after Act 2's first mission then locked after Act 2's second mission until unlocked after beating the game
--Iron Fist and Songbird: Unlock condition changed. Now the same as Iron Man and Mr. Fantastic, and Captain America and Luke Cage
--Cyclops, Daredevil, Ms. Marvel, Sentry, Storm and Thor: See Iron Fist and Songbird
-Magneto can be unlocked after beating him and Quicksilver in Act 3 final mission
Activision's Marvel X-Men Legends series Re-Released Edition (PS4/PS3/PSVita/X1/X360/PC (Steam)/Wii U/3DS)

Both series:
*Flight, Ice Slide & Teleport no longer cost powers, & can now uses power in the air, similar to MUA series
*Can now double jump, similar to Toad's Double Jump terminology in XML2. Safe for flight characters
*Can Double Jump Cancel during air combo
*Flip Double Jump included for agile type characters only

*X-Men Legends:
-Professor X, Magneto, and Angel are now playable in all modes
--Professor X, along with Magneto can be unlocked after beating the game
--Go to Danger Room to restart missions, similar to Marvel Ultimate Alliance 2

*X-Men Legends II:
-Features will be mix of PC and PSP versions, such as having the contents, which were exclusive in one of those ports
-Adds some of X-Men Legends 1 veterans (Emma Frost, Jubilee, Psylocke), a new characters who were origjnally NPC in XML1 (Aurora, Avalanche, Blob, Dazzler, Mystique, Magik (DLC Pre-Order), and Marrow (DLC Pre-Order)), and formerly one console port exclusives characters, including PSP Missions
--Angel can be unlocked after finishing Act 4
--Beast can be unlocked after beating him (as Dark Beast) and Mr. Sinister in Act 5
--Sabertooth is locked in Act 4 and re-unlocked after beating the game
--Emma Frost is locked in Act 3 and re-unlocked after beating the game
-Adds X-Men Legends 1 Loadscreen for a missing X-Men Legends 1 veterans, Jean Grey (Phoenix) and former PC exclusives
-Unlockable characters like Deadpool, Iron Man, Professor X have their Ultimate costumes
-One of Professor X's XML1 power return
-Iron Man and Deadpool, and Marrow are now classified as Other, in which given a respectful dialogues
What's with her? B by LarsMasters
What's with her? B
Bao Sanniang turn into a half-cat, Guan Suo and his family are in trouble. They ask Neo Yorozuya's help to cure Sanniang to normal, yet none of them are a doctrine types, although they have an acquaintance other than a likes of Aya or Yueying, they ask Nene, whose been expertise on medical nin to see what happen to Sanniang all the sudden.

List of Sanniang victimize Guan Suo sexually:
* Leap
* Daisuki Hold
* Bite (Head, Neck, Hand, Leg, Shoulder, Ear)
** Blood Sucking
* Hug
** Put his face to her middle chest
* Kiss
* Facesitting
* Neck lick
* Submission strangle wrestling move which related with using her two thighs
* Hoshing lke a pet animals

List of Sanniang victim for preventing her nearing Guan Suo or a threat to her, prove that her transformation makes her stronger, even bested Sadaharu:
* Xingcai
* Guan Ping
* Guan Xing
* Zhang Bao
* Zhang Fei
* Sadaharu
* Gintoki Sakata

Nene: Gin-chan, Lingqi-chan, welcome. Can i help you?
Guan Suo: WAAAAAAAAAA!!! Holy shit, get back!
Bao Sanniang: *hoshing around like a pet animals and behaves like Sadaharu when chasing Gin and tries to bite his head*
Guan Suo: Please, i don't want to hurt you, so-- WOW!!
Bao Sanniang: *leaping*
Guan Suo: *blush* MFFFF!!! LFFF GHHHH!!! (YOOOW!!! LET GOOOO!!!)
Nene: What's with her?
Gintoki: I would never tell that if i were you, he's not the only one to fall into a victim's like that.
Lingqi: Well... Perhaps you may remind this for some of his (Gintoki's) dog bitten your husband and Masanori's heads when he (Gintoki) found him safely to join our recruits.
Gintoki : -_-'
Nene: Who? Sadaharu?
Lingqi: But... powerful than the dog. Look at Sanniang now. Her eyes, ears, teeth and tail. Perhaps she may grown a whisker
Guan Suo: DNN JSSH STNN THRR, HLLPF M---! (Don't just stand there, help m---!) *head bitten* *scream agony when his face still on Sanniang's chest*!!!!!

Sticklove, Armachampcorps, wadamen, Tecmo Koei, Shonen Jump, Namco Bandai…
I've discover how to make both teeth and breath, clean and fresh in a same time. Using a toothbrush & a mouthwash liquids like Listerin.

1. Wash our mouth but don't spit
2. Brush our teeth (don't let the liquid that comes out from your mouth spread outside sinking area)
3. Spit the most of moutwash liquid that still on your mouth out when you are done
4. TADAAA!!!



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